Friday, August 15, 2008

BIL 080814

This is how GIB bid and played the hands. I have added a few comments of my own ...

Board 1
North Deals
None Vul
♠ Q 5 3
8 7 6 4 3
4 3
♣ A 10 8
♠ K 10 7 6 4
A Q 9
♣ 6 5 3
♠ A
J 10 2
Q 10 6 5 2
♣ K Q J 7
♠ J 9 8 2
K 5
K 9 8 7
♣ 9 4 2
Pass1 Pass
1 ♠Pass2 ♣Pass
2 1Pass3 Pass
3 NTAll pass
  1. Fourth suit forcing -- 4+ S; 13+ points; forcing to 3N
3 NT by West
1. N 42KA
2. W♣ 3A79
3. N♠ 3A94
4. E 28J3
5. W♣ 510K4
6. E 69A4
7. W♣ 68Q2
8. E♣ J 7♠ 6 8
9. E QK♠ 7 3
10. S♠ 2KQ 10
11. W 97J5
12. E 10♠ 8♠ 10♠ 5
13. E 5♠ J Q 6
Made 5 — N/S -460

In the lesson I just rebid 3NT as west and did not bother to find out whether or not we had a heart fit. With such a good heart stopper I thought the simple approach was better. In practice you might be more inclined to bid fourth suit forcing if partner is not very likely to raise to 2♠ with three trumps. 3NT mayl not be so successful if partner is 3=1=5=4 and you have to lose the lead twice to establish nine tricks.

Board 2
East Deals
N-S Vul
♠ A 7 2
5 4 2
J 7
♣ K Q 6 4 3
♠ Q 8 4
K 8 6 3
6 4 3
♣ J 7 5
♠ K J 5 3
A Q 10
K Q 10 5 2
♣ A
♠ 10 9 6
J 9 7
A 9 8
♣ 10 9 8 2
1 All pass
1 by East
1. S♣ 1056A
2. E KA37
3. S♣ 97Q 2
4. E♠ J64A
5. N JQ84
6. E 1096 2
7. E Q735
8. E♠ 510Q2
9. W 84A9
10. E 10JK♣ 3
11. W 6♠ 7♠ 3♣ 8
12. W♠ 8♣ 4K9
13. E 5♣ 2♣ J♣ K
Made 5 — N/S -150

I would always respond with 6 hcp. Game is a little fortuitous so maybe there is something to GIB's pass.

Board 3
South Deals
E-W Vul
♠ K 10 8 4 3
8 7 3
K 6 5 3
♣ 7
♠ —
A J 10 4
A Q J 10 8
♣ 10 8 5 4
♠ J 9 5 2
K Q 2
♣ A K J 6 3
♠ A Q 7 6
9 6 5
9 4 2
♣ Q 9 2
1 Pass2 ♣Pass
3 ♣Pass4 1Pass
4 Pass4 NTPass
5 NTPass6 ♣All pass
  1. 1- D; biddable C; 15+ points
6 ♣ by East
1. S♠ A♣ 539
2. W♣ 107A9
3. E♣ K24 3
4. E K547
5. E 72A6
6. W 8K♣ 64
7. E 26J8
8. W Q5♠ 29
9. W J3♠ 5♠ 6
10. W 10♠ 4Q9
11. E♠ J7♣ 810
12. W 10♠ 8♣ J♣ Q
13. S♠ Q AK♣ 3
Made 6 — N/S -1370

It looks like GIB splintered into 4. I gave an alternative auction that would get to slam:
1 2♣
3♣ 3NT
4♣ 4
4♠ 4NT
5 6♣

Board 4
West Deals
Both Vul
♠ A 10 9 7 5

K 7 6
♣ A Q J 10 3
♠ 6 3
K 8 7 6 5 2
♣ 9 8 4 2
♠ Q J 8
Q 10 9 4
8 5 4 3
♣ K 7
♠ K 4 2
A J 3
A Q J 9 2
♣ 6 5
Pass1 ♠Pass2
Pass3 ♣Pass3 ♠
Pass4 ♣Pass5 ♠
Pass6 ♠All pass
6 ♠ by North
1. E 10A8♣ 3
2. S Q1078
3. S♠ K658
4. S♠ 239Q
5. E 932♠ 10
6. N♠ AJ4♣ 4
7. N 632 7
8. N K4A♣ 8
9. S J♣ 9♣ 105
10. S♣ 62QK
11. E 4JK♠ 7
12. N♣ A75 6
13. N♣ J Q 9 5
Down 1 — N/S -100

While 6♠ fails 6 will make here (on a non-club lead). On GIB's auction I might be inclined to offer a choice with 6 over 5♠ since I can easily imagine slam making if either clubs or spades come in as a source of tricks whereas 6♠ requires the spades to behave.

Board 5
North Deals
N-S Vul
♠ K J 10 6
9 8 3
6 4 2
♣ A 5 2
♠ Q
K Q 7
A 10 9 7
♣ K J 9 4 3
♠ 9 8 5 4
A 6 5
♣ Q 10 8 7
♠ A 7 3 2
J 10 4 2
K 8 5 3
♣ 6
1 ♣Pass1 ♠Pass
2 ♣PassPassDbl
Pass2 3 ♣Pass
3 Pass3 Pass
4 ♣All pass
4 ♣ by West
1. N♣ 2864
2. E♣ 10♠ 79A
3. N♣ 57 43
4. E Q572
5. E JKA6
6. W 94 58
7. W 73A2
8. E♠ 53QK
9. N 8610K
10. W 10♠ 6♠ 43
11. W Q9♠ 8J
12. W♣ J♠ JQ♠ 2
13. E♠ 9A♣ K10
Made 5 — N/S -150

I thought that west might be inclined to rebid 1NT - I would. In that case that is likely to become the final contract.

Board 6
East Deals
E-W Vul
♠ J 3
A 6 5 4
♣ K J 6 4 3 2
♠ A K 7 4
K 10
K Q 9 7 6 5
♣ 8
♠ Q 9 2
Q 9 7 2
J 8 3
♣ 10 7 5
♠ 10 8 6 5
J 8 3
A 10 2
♣ A Q 9
Pass1 ♣
1 1 Pass2
DblRdbl3 Dbl
Pass4 ♣PassPass
DblAll pass
4 ♣ x by South
1. W K43A
2. S 105♠ 3J
3. E♣ 5Q82
4. S 27♠ J8
5. E♣ 79♠ 76
6. S 3104Q
7. E♣ 10A♠ 4K
8. S♠ 8A♣ J2
9. N 628K
10. W Q♣ 4♠ 9♠ 5
11. N 59J 9
12. S♠ 10K♣ 3Q
13. N A7♠ 6 6
Down 1 — N/S -100

We had an auction where west ended in 3.

1 3 ♣PassPass
3 PassPassPass

I commented that south might raise to 4♣ and that I certainly would with a little distribution.

I am surprised that GIB is opening the south hand with only 11 hcp and 4-3-3-3 distribution.

Friday, January 12, 2007

11/01/07 Hand Six

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 6  ♠ AJT
East    KJT5
EW      9653
       ♣ J2
♠ 532          ♠ KQ874
 A82           74
 KQ8           A
♣ KQ97         ♣ T8654
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ 96
       ♣ A3
cascade: =Board Six=
cascade: but 3 is certainly not wrong
cascade: I don't mind raising spades on this auction with three spades only
cascade: but with xxx and 4-3-3-3 distribution i will make the normal 1NT rebid
cascade: East's hand is marginal
cascade: if there is a fit the hand could play well
cascade: the hand is nearly invitational
cascade: but most actions over a 1NT rebid are weak or strong
cascade: and the hand is not suited for an inviational 2NT
cascade: 2♣ shows a weakish hand with clubs
cascade: (unless you play checkback Stayman)
cascade: and is likely to end the auction
cascade: 4♠ will make i think
cascade: but it needs the ♠A onside and the spades breaking
cascade: so is only marginal in the bidding
cascade: it probably needs clubs breaking too
cascade: so that there is no club ruff
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
peterb370c: 4♠ is cold, isn't it?
cascade: it will make
cascade: but nearly half of the time with the EW cards there will be a club ruff
cascade: half of the rest the ♠A will be wrong
cascade: and 1/3 of the rest spades will not break
cascade: which makes it around 15-20% contract
peterb370c: lol not the best game ever
cascade: so i am happy not being there
cascade: ==============================================
cascade: Thanks everyone for coming
MikeJ: Thank you very much for your time Wayne!
Fazza: many thanks Wayne:):):)
peterb370c: thnx wayne excellent as usual!
cascade: i will publish these hands and comments at
cascade: take a look and review the interesting ones
cascade: feedback will be appreciated
cdt: thanks Wayne for your time and efforts for us :)
onoway: thanks Wayne
cascade: you can comment on the hands there
cascade: thanks to the BIL for hosting these sessions
rq4mulae: and thanky you very much for doing them, Wayne!
cascade: I will not be here for the next two weeks
cascade: I am playing a tournament in Canberra
onoway: best of luck!!
Fazza: good luck:)

11/01/07 Hand Five

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 5  ♠ J9
North   Q9432
NS      K982
       ♣ AQ
♠ T72          ♠ 63
 T75           86
 QJ3           AT764
♣ 8654         ♣ KJT3
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ AKQ854
       ♣ 972         cascade
cascade: =Board Five=
cascade: The beauty of bridge is that there is always something more to learn ;-)
analisals: goodo point about the switch being a hint of singleton, hope to remember that
cascade: South is ideal for a strong jump shift
cascade: a great suit with support for partner on the side
cascade: 2♠ is GF (and slam interest) usually about 17-18 or more
cascade: North can rebid 2NT or 3
peterb370c: this board was our only negative missed the slam
cascade: for me 2♠ will not have a second suit so I would rebid 2NT without a good second suit or lots of distribution
cascade: South can now safely show the heart support
cascade: since 2♠ established a GF
cascade: and now North can cue-bid
cascade: when South sees the club cue-bid he can ask for aces (key-cards)
cascade: and bid slam
cascade: this hand is slightly better if you play 1430 responses to RKCB
cascade: since then there is room to ask for the Q
cascade: any questions
cascade: ===========
rq4mulae: in 2/1, using weak j-s's by responder, 2♠ still effective?
cascade: definitely not if you play weak jump shifts
rq4mulae: then artificial 2♣, yes?
cascade: 1 1♠ if i do not play strong jump shifts
WSue601: unclear on the 2NT...why not 2 dia?
WSue601: 3 dia...
cascade: 3 is ok too
cascade: either - i think i said there was a choice
cascade: for me when my partnership bids 2♠ we won't have a second suit (expect if it is support for partner)
cascade: so there is no point bidding a poorish four-card suit
WSue601: oh...thanks

11/01/07 Hand Four

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 4  ♠ T7
West    J
All     AQ652
       ♣ AQ863
♠ AQJ98        ♠ K43
 KT32          975
 987           43
♣ 7            ♣ KJT52
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ 652
       ♣ 94
cascade: =Board Four=
analisals: was wrong I was NOrth what would be a good lead there
cascade: sorry forgot to claim
cascade: it makes it easier for me later
cascade: 1 the highest of two five-card suits
cascade: West having passed can overcall 1♠
cascade: East should raise
cascade: and this creates a little problem for South
cascade: 3 doesnt really show the values of the hand
cascade: without the raise South would jump to 3 to invite game
cascade: after 2♠ - 3 is just competitive
cascade: 5 is a long way off so I am happy being conservative
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
analisals: does it make?
cascade: 5 diamonds, one club and one heart on the top
cascade: you can easily establish a second heart by running the J
cascade: but there might be problems if you play clubs early and suffer a ruff
cascade: especially if the ♣A is ruffed
cascade: GIB says declarer must play the ace here
cascade: so i think in practice 3 might fail
cascade: the club switch suggests a singleton
analisals: appreciate your comments thanks, don't know if I will ever learn the play of the hand
amms3: what does he mean by GIB
cascade: but some will take the finesse
cascade: GIB is a button at the bottom right
cascade: it tells if you what you can make if you could see all of the cards
cascade: and what the best plays are

11/01/07 Hand Three

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 3  ♠ A872
South   KQ93
EW      K62
       ♣ 87
♠ K5           ♠ J963
 A86542        JT
 4             AT953
♣ AT64         ♣ 93
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ QT4
       ♣ KQJ52
cascade: =Board Three=
cascade: maybe some would pass the south hand
cascade: it is not perfect since there will be rebid problems over 1 by partner
cascade: North can make a negative double showing four spades
cascade: East is weak without support for partner's overcall
cascade: and south is forced to rebid the clubs
cascade: for me 2 would be a reverse
cybershot2: thanks ive gtg, I'll read the rest on the blog , good sessio
cascade: the negative double said something about spades but nothing about diamonds
cascade: north with 12 points is worth a game invite
cascade: or an optimist would just bid 3NT
cascade: the optimist would be rewarded if he can make 3NT
amms3: ew played nt and went down
cascade: which would need a lot of good guessing
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
analisals: I opened one diamond was that gross?
cascade: no some solve the rebid problem for this sort of hand that way
cascade: if i was to do that i would like better diamonds and worse clubs
cascade: but it could easily be right even with this hand

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 2  ♠ 8742
East    A62
NS      J63
       ♣ AQ5
♠ AKT96        ♠ QJ
 7             Q98543
 AQ8           T
♣ T984         ♣ K762
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ 53
       ♣ J3
cascade: =Board Two=
cascade: 2 always for me here
cascade: especially at this vul
cascade: but if you have standards you might have to pass on Qxxxxx
cybershot2: lol any standards?
cascade: West doesn't have enough to bid over a weak bid with no fit
cascade: and North has a very dubious takeout double
cascade: i wouldn't vul - there is too much down-side when we can't make anything at the three-level
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
cybershot2: if E passes does South have a weak 2?
cascade: If East passed then my standards are that i would not open the south hand at this vul
cascade: vul versus not I am much more cautious
MikeJ: With solid spades, opening points, and favorable colors, West shouldn't say anything?
cascade: and would like a better suit and maybe a better hand
cascade: no
cascade: it is unlikely that EW have a game
cascade: and that East will have a spade fit
cascade: the most likely outcome from bidding 2♠ is that you get to 3
MikeJ: ty
cascade: which is one trick harder to make
myrto: our opps bid and made 3nt
cascade: a similar hand - AK AQ with a fit for partner's hearts and I will bid
cascade: 3NT should be defeated
picsou1->Kibitzers: 3nt why not ?
cascade: and that is after two finesses are successful
cascade: i would be happy for my opponents to be in 3NT
analisals: would you double 3 NT?
hoppyjack: I was thinking the lessons said you need 2 of the top 3 for a weak opening.
cascade: no
cascade: i can't see who has a double
cascade: A word of clarification ...
cascade: Standards for your weak twos are good
JAF1935: Hi I'm late sorry which hand may we see3 all or only one
cascade: an easy standard is 2 out of 3 top honours or 3 of the top five
Laptop: hi
cascade: then your partner will have a good basis for his judgement
cascade: Others like to pre-empt in a less disciplined way
hoppyjack: It seemed to work well, in the lessons. :-)
cascade: Personally my style is less disciplined in terms of suit quality
hoppyjack: tu
cascade: although my partner and I work hard on having a different sort of standard
alexiss: 6bds in 3 runden?
rq4mulae->Club: are you more likely to be undisciplined with minor or major?
cascade: so that we know what to expect
rq4mulae: so that we know what to expect
rq4mulae: are you more likely to be undisciplined with minor or major?
analisals: does that standard change for second or third seat?
cascade: our standard is more based on over-all suit strength
analisals: does that standard change for 2nd or 3rd seat?
cascade: sorry
cascade: over-all hand strength
cascade: and it varies by position and vulnerability
cascade: a summary for all our pre-empts at the 2-3 level
cascade: is
cascade: 1♠t seat agressive
cascade: 2nd seat sounder
cascade: 3rd seat - we don't care but we are not silly
cascade: 4th seat - we don't pre-empt with weak hands
cascade: and by vul
cascade: we use a "rule of..." basis
onoway: I am sorry I was unable to get here earlier..are you going to talk about overcalling preempts or have I missed it?
cascade: which means that our pre-empts are roughly within a certain number of tricks of the contract
cascade: it ranges from about 2 tricks at unfavourable vul (or maybe a little better)
cascade: to within 4 or 5 tricks at favourable vul
->onoway: if it comes up
cybershot2: do you mean 2tricks down at unfavorable vul?
->JAF1935: you should be able to kibitz all hands
cascade: yes or maybe even a bit more cautious
cybershot2: and you will tolerate -4 or 5 at favorable?
cascade: in our own hand
cascade: if i am down 5 and partner contributes nothing i needn't worry too much since the opponents have probably missed slam
cascade: and at favourable vul if doubled that is -1100 vs their 1430 or so
cybershot2: thanks
cascade: where as unfavourable -2 undoubled is a disaster when they have nothing
cascade: next hand

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 1  ♠ J82
North   8764
None    843
       ♣ AQ2
♠ T7           ♠ A953
 9             AKJ2
 QJT952        7
♣ J986         ♣ 7543
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ KQ64
       ♣ KT
cascade: Welcome everyone
cascade: I hope you enjoyed the tournament
myrto: we are all ears
analisals: thanks Cascade for having it -
cascade: Please limit public chat to the question time at the end of each hand
myrto: i didnt do well so i didnt
ruder_7: thx for the play
cascade: I have been publishing the hands and text from these lessons on my blog
analisals: I didn't do well but enjoyed it anyway as a learning xperience
cascade: you can review them later here
cascade: =Board One=
rahel1: welcome kibitzer :)
cascade: South has a choice between double and 1NT
cascade: with both majors and only one stopper the hand is more suited for a takeout double
cascade: West has club support and a good diamond suit
cascade: so I would bid in spite of only 4 points
cascade: Pass is possible
sz_l: 2 would be weak ?
cascade: normally i would freely respond to the takeout double
cascade: but with only 7 points and six of those in the opponents suit
cascade: and 4-3-3-3 distribution
cascade: with poor hearts
cascade: i would pass
cascade: (if West passed I would be obligated to bid)
cascade: I would be very happy about my pass when East rebid 1
myrto: would you as N if S bid 1nt?
Rae123: too flat for 1nt response
cascade: any questions?
myrto: right i didnt
cascade: ===========
cascade: after 1NT north would pass
sz_l: what would be 1♣ - dbl - 2 ?
myrto: weak and long suit?
rq4mulae: i bid 1NT to be pre-emptive as much as anything, since p passed. really that dumb? :)
cascade: from the SAYC notes "A responder's jump shift after a double is to play:"
cybershot2: why do you prefer Dbl to 1nt by south ... Kx seems ok after a minor opening?
cascade: when partner is a passed hand i would judge it is more important to get to a good part-score so I am more inclined to double
rq4mulae: k tx
cascade: i want to emphasise the majors
cascade: If East is short then ♣Kx maybe fine
cascade: but ♣Kx is a ruffing value if we have a major fit
cascade: so I want to maximise the chance of finding our major fit
cybershot2: any rebid problems after a X?
cascade: there are a number of hands that will pass 1NT with a four-card major
cascade: yes there will be rebid problems if North bids diamonds
figgie: when would a 1 h response from N be appropriate after the 1 d bid by W?
cascade: Mike Lawrence used to advocate a double then 1NT rebid with this sort of hand
cybershot2: what is your response if he bids ?
cascade: but the standard is for double and a 1NT rebid to show a stronger hand - 19-21
cascade: I would raise to 3
cybershot2: ok thanks
Fazza: can you show us the bidding if it goes: 1♣lub-1NT .....?
analisals: what would you bid as north?
rq4mulae: this is very good hand for discussion, Wayne. tx
cascade: West might bid 2
cascade: if not pass-pass-pass
Fazza: ok. ty:)
cascade: 2 is weak after a "STRONG" 1NT overcall
cascade: and should show six diamonds
figgie: what if it is 1 c..X..1..1?
cascade: this might get passed out
cascade: although i imagine lots of East's would try and rescue
cascade: 2 on the 6-1 fit actually plays better than 2♣ on the 4-4 fit
cascade: perhaps some norths would go on
cascade: but i would down grade for the reasons i mentioned earlier
cascade: 4-3-3-3
cascade: 6 points in the opponents suit
figgie: ty Wayne
cascade: 3 can actually make
cascade: basically East gets end-played
figgie: y

Saturday, January 06, 2007

BIL Lesson 05/01/07 - Hand Six

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 6  ♠ T73
East    KT5
EW      732
       ♣ J865
♠ AJ4          ♠ Q98652
 AQ963         ---
 4             AKT95
♣ QT72         ♣ AK
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ K
       ♣ 943
cascade: === Board Six ===
Campus61: I gavehim this>
->Campus61: thanks
cascade: Campus61 just gave me this link
cascade: thanks
cascade: East has a nice hand
Campus61: (*:*) retired Girl Scout here
cascade: and West has support and a good hand of his own
cascade: West's choices are 2 intending to raise spades strongly next time
cascade: or a Jacoby 2NT - although some like four trumps for that
cascade: or a Splinter but that is more advanced
cascade: a splinter is 4 showing trump support and a singleton or void in the suit bid
cascade: East's 3 shows a second suit and extra strength - enough to force to game
cascade: so West can bid 3♠ to show support
cascade: and leave room for cue-bids
cascade: in this context a cue-bid shows a control - Ace, king, singleton or void - so that partner knows there are not two losers in this suit for slam
cascade: West might just bid Blackwood (RKCB) now
cascade: it is perhaps a slight overbid
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
Fazza: do you also like four trumps for a (mini)splinter?
rq4mulae: using J2NT, where do they go when opener shows H void? :-)
cascade: some require four trumps for a splinter
cascade: it is something to discuss with your partners
Fazza->Club: ok ty:)
anco->Club: what is J2NT pls
bedu: can I repete our bids ?
cascade: 1♠ 2NT; 3 (shortage) 3♠ (waiting); 4♣ (cue) ... etc along similar lines now
krzychu56: thx Wayne
cascade: J2NT = Jacoby 2NT - 1Maj 2NT showing support for opener and GF values
cascade: -----------------
anco: tks
peterb370c: thnx wayne excellent as usual
Campus61: Thank you Wayne for ur tourney and review
cascade: you can read the text of these lessons at
rq4mulae: ok, i thought it took rebid of short suit to show void. but only if you want to? :-)
cascade: today's lesson will be published sometime later today
Campus61: where?
cascade: you can make comments there on the hands
rq4mulae: tx Wayne
bedu: my p bid 2 ♣ is this correct?
onoway: thanks for this Wayne both fun and helpful
cascade: let me know if you find that helpful
Fazza: many thanks Wayne:)
berniel: tks
cascade: i don't know which seat he was in but i cannot see a hand here that would bid 2♣
cascade: thanks everyone for coming
boeh->Club: thanks
cascade: and thanks to the BIL for hosting these sessions
bedu: east 2 ♣ me 2 relay
cocobean: thx
cascade: 2♣ GF
cdt: Thanks Wayne wonderful lesson :)
cascade: i do not think this hand is strong enough
->cdt: thanks
bedu: yes he bid 2 ♠ and me 3
cascade: bye all closing i have an appointment to get out to in 20 minutes
KeldKn (Lobby): thanks and happy new year
->KeldKn: thx

BIL Lesson 05/01/07 - Hand Five

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 5  ♠ AK82
North   A854
NS      QJT5
       ♣ 9
♠ J6           ♠ QT93
 KQJ7          T962
 A32           986
♣ QT86         ♣ K7
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ 754
       ♣ AJ5432
cascade: === Board Five ===
cascade: North has an awkward hand 4=4=4=1
cascade: depending on how the auction develops
cascade: South has six clubs but not enough strength to bid at the two-level
cascade: and North will have nowhere to go
ulsay: whatabout rule of 14?
cascade: Maybe West would want to bid
cavalier2: true, I made the mistake of bidding 3 nt
cascade: but there is nothing sensible for him to say
cascade: double would suggest more spades
cascade: and he doesn't have a five-card suit to overcall
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
cascade: What is the rule of 14?
SillyBily->Kibitzers: next 1 after 13
cavalier2: what is rule 14
peterb370c: hcp + suit length>= 14 justifies a 2 level response
cascade: K looks like a normal lead
cascade: and declarer has 7 easy tricks - two spades, one heart, three diamonds (knock out the ace first) and one club
cascade: that makes for very light two over one responses
cascade: which is not the SAYC style
Dianne0516: How would you bid it in 2/1?
cascade: the same way in 2/1
cascade: My understanding is that SAYC has very sound 2/1 responses compared with other systems (except 2/1)
rq4mulae: except N is forced, yes?
cavalier2: please explain 2/1
cascade: normally a new suit at the two-level is written as 11+
cascade: i think you have to respond at the two level sometimes with a little less
Dianne0516: not 2 diamonds in 2/1?
cascade: but i don't think 8 points would be enough
->Dianne0516: by which hand?
Dianne0516: south
cascade: i don't think 1 1NT is normally played as forcing
cascade: 2/1 is a different system
cascade: this lesson is based on SAYC or Bridge Base Basic so I don't want to go into any more details now
cascade: next hand ...

BIL Lesson 05/01/07 - Hand Four

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 4  ♠ AT97
West    5
All     A9862
       ♣ J64
♠ KJ85         ♠ 6432
 T32           AKQ864
 53            KJ4
♣ KT95         ♣ ---
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ Q
       ♣ AQ8732
cascade: === Board Four ===
rq4mulae: is there some system/convention that overcalls weak 2's with intermediate hand as takeout and forcing on p?
rq4mulae: overcalls with NT, specifically
cascade: yes there is some method where double is penalties and a suit bid is used as takeout
cascade: i wouldnt recommend it though
cascade: South is a marginal overcall
cascade: six clubs and 11 points fits within the normal range
cascade: but there is a stiff Queen
cascade: and partner has passed
dusi_vr: y he is having 11 points
cascade: nevertheless i think most would bid
cascade: and West has a routine raise
cascade: as does north
cascade: this is a similar situation to an earlier hand
cascade: hand two
cascade: North has two aces
cascade: i would like to make a stronger raise
cascade: but not so strong that i am committed to the four-level
cascade: but there is none available
cascade: notice that it would be easy to make a strong raise (cue-raise) if West passed
cavalier2: how about a neg double in north
cascade: a takeout double would be ok
cascade: probably better than 3♣ since it allows for other contracts - spades in particular
cascade: East has a little extra and good distribution
cascade: i would be tempted to bid 4
KeldKn: rdbl
cavalier2: our opps bid 4 hearts and were down l
cascade: but that won't be successful here
cascade: i would definitely at least invite game with the east hand
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
dusi_vr: by bidding 3H
cascade: usually after the double by North ...
cascade: 3 would just be competitive
dusi_vr: oh ty
cascade: so to invite game i would need to bid a new suit or RDbl
dusi_vr: ok ty
KeldKn: why jump, p has a passed hand?
dusi_vr: 3NT will it be there please
cascade: i don't think so
cascade: too many aces to lose
dusi_vr: yes please
cascade: so too much time for the defense to set up extra tricks
dusi_vr: ty
cascade: and they have a potential second trick in clubs, diamonds and spades
->KeldKn: because of the distribution
->KeldKn: public questions are better
KeldKn: ok

BIL Lesson 05/01/07 - Hand Three

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 3  ♠ 97
South   KQT74
EW      9
       ♣ KJT82
♠ Q8           ♠ A64
 A95           J832
 QJ72          A653
♣ Q743         ♣ A6
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ KJT532
       ♣ 95
cascade: === Board Three ===
cascade: South has a nice weak two
cascade: I want to always bid with this hand ...
cascade: so I can't afford to have standards like needing two of the top three honours
cascade: in fact at this vulnerability with the extra distribution and in first seat i might consider opening 3♠
KeldKn: you have 3 of top 5
dusi_vr: in vul position also
cascade: if my standard was 3 of 5 honours then this would be ok if that was your standard
cascade: West is close to a takeout double
cascade: one more heart and the distribution would be ideal
cascade: but with only three hearts, ♠Qx, a minimum and being vulnerable there are too many reasons not to bid
cascade: North has too few points and not good enough fit to bid
rq4mulae: shows what YOU know! :-) i'll explain when you finish the hand.
cascade: and East could make a takeout double
cascade: this is not ideal (with a doubleton club) but is the sort of comprimise you sometimes need to make
cascade: West's bid over a takeout double is very awkward
cascade: he has no (real) spade stopper for No Trumps
cascade: only three hearts
cascade: but 11 points but would not necessarily want to jump in a minor
cascade: to show the values
aside08 (Lobby): þerefsiz cascade.masaya izleyici neden kabul etmiyorsun.hi//slm//bye..
cascade: some players use the Lebensohl convention in this auction
cascade: they bid 2NT with any weak hand
cascade: so a bid of 3♣ or 3 would show some values
cascade: I might overbid a little by cue-bidding 3♠ to ask partner if he has a spade stopper
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
rq4mulae: I SHOULD have opened 3S! Our W made incredible bid to give them top board on 14 IMP swing. :-( ...
bedu: N can bid 4 ♠ for barrage ?
cybershot2: please talk some more about the 2♠ bid.. I would pass here the ♠'s are not solid, min points
rq4mulae: 2S-2NT!!! - P - 3NT
Bilal1959 (Lobby): masa acamýon mu
cascade: this south hand is good for a pre-empt for a number of reasons
cascade: 1. 1st seat is the best seat to pre-empt
dusi_vr: with 6 Cards can we make 3 bid please
cascade: 2. favourable vul is the best for a sacrifice
cascade: 3. the hand has extra distribution and therefore playing strength (in spite of being weak)
dusi_vr: min 7 cards required for 3 level is it not so p
cascade: 4. there is some solidity in the spades with ♠ KJ10xxx
cascade: in my partnership if I opened this 2♠ (probably I would) i would call this a maximum weak two (at this vul) if partner asked
cascade: i would consider opening 3♠ based on the extra distribution
cascade: seven spades are normal for a 3♠ opening
cascade: any more questions?
cascade: notice that 2♠ works here
cascade: both East and West have some values but the bidding was awkward for them
cascade: that is what we are aiming for with our pre-empts (i include weak twos in 'pre-empts') ...
cascade: if the hand does not belong to our side we are hoping that it will be awkward for the opponents

BIL Lesson 05/01/07 - Hand Two

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 2  ♠ 63
East    753
NS      853
       ♣ KQJ93
♠ KQ84         ♠ J75
 Q86           T9
 KJT97         A642
♣ 7            ♣ A654
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ AT92
       ♣ T82
cascade: === Board Two ===
cascade: West is a marginal overcall
cascade: only 11 points
cascade: and only a five-card suit
cascade: but the vulnerability is favourable so I would bid
cascade: North can raise hearts and East diamonds
cascade: South has some distribution so might compete to 3
cascade: although there is some danger at this vulnerability
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
cascade: possibly East could make a stronger raise with two aces and four-card support but there is no good way to show that much after North raises to 2
cascade: no questions we will move on ...
ulsay: no ty

BIL Lesson 05/01/07 - Hand One

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 1  ♠ AT
North   K762
None    K
       ♣ T87653
♠ 9862         ♠ K5
 Q3            J984
 T9652         AQJ74
♣ K2           ♣ AQ
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ QJ743
       ♣ J94
cascade: Welcome everyone
cascade: I hope that you enjoyed the tournament
cascade: Lets make a start
cascade: I have been publishing the BIL lessons here
cascade: that includes the hands and discussion from this session
cascade: so beware your comments maybe published
cascade: === Board One ===
cascade: 1NT would be ok with the East hand
cascade: you are nearly balanced
cascade: and 17 hcp
cascade: with most of those points in the short suits
cascade: I would respond with the West hand
cascade: only five points but five-card support for opener's diamonds
cascade: opener's 2 is a reverse showing five (or more) diamonds and four hearts
cascade: and around 16/17 hcp or more
cascade: it is forcing for one round
cascade: West can give a simple preference to 3
cascade: which might end the auction
cdt: how wd bidding go with 1NT opening please?
cascade: there are two hearts and a spade to lose with the ♠A onside
cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========
cascade: after a 1NT opening the bidding might go Pass Pass Pass
cdt: how wd bidding go with NT opening
cascade: which should make exactly one on a normal spade lead
cascade: declarer has five diamonds and two clubs and a spade ( so actually one overtrick)
onoway: and if N came in with 2♣?
cascade: and the defense will set up four spades and have two hearts - but will only get five of these tricks if declarer takes his tricks first
jmzelis: is there a way to distinguish 3 forcing & non forcing (via leb 2NT ?
cascade: North cannot bid 2♣ unless you play Natural overcalls
HASTY: but now heading for costco to replenish our stock for the next year -
bluehi: can answer later is there any why to take the hands from barons into a teaching table in the bbo
onoway: our north did
cascade: SAYC includes Landy - 2♣ showing both majors - and many pairs play other defenses to 1NT Cappelletti or DONT etc
cavalier2: I was first bidder and opened 1 club, was that wrong
dusi_vr: lead of Spade from south will be Q S or Low S
dusi_vr: if low then they make 4 S or else they make three only
cascade: please ask your questions publically in the question time so that everyone can see
cascade: 1♣ is not wrong but it is very light with 1. only 10 points, 2. a bad suit and 3. a singleton King
cascade: open if your partner expects that you might be this light but you may just end too high if partner does not expect this
cascade: South's lead ...
cascade: I would lead a low spade versus NTs but the ♠Q against a suit
dusi_vr: yes please
cascade: the reason is that my aims are different ...
jmzelis: does some play 3 forcing ( or not ....
cascade: against NTs I want to set up as many tricks as possible
dee_dee_20: opps bid ♠ would south lead a ♠?
cascade: against a suit often the third round is ruffed by someone so I am primarily trying to win the first or second spade trick
cascade: I would lead a spade against NTs even if West bid them
cascade: but you might be talked out of it
->jmzelis: some play a version of Lebensohl after a reverse
jmzelis: ok, i have seen it ... thx

Friday, December 29, 2006

BIL Lesson 28/12/2006

Private Bridge Lessons
cascade->Club: Tourney Hand Review Starting Soon - cascade's table in the BIL
cascade: Welcome everyone
cascade: I hope you enjoyed the tournament
Jimmy V: ty
Jimmy V: yes
cascade: I have been publishing the hands and text from these lesson on a blog ...
cascade: so you can review the lessons again later
Fazza: great:)
cybershot2: very handy :)
cascade: all (actually most) comments made at the table will be recorded there
cascade: which means if you don't want your comments recorded either ...
cascade: 1. don't say anything
cascade: or 2. let me know and I will see if I can edit them out
cascade: I would much prefer not to do 2. as that is more work for me
cascade: Lets make a start ....

cascade: === Board One ===

Brd 1  ♠ 3
North   Q42
None    J764
       ♣ AJT84
♠ KT62         ♠ J985
 AJ753         KT9
 ---           AKT9
♣ Q963         ♣ K7
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ AQ74
       ♣ 52
cascade: East's rebid is a matter of style ...
cascade: some recommend 1NT to show your shape ...
cascade: and others 1♠ to show the four-card major
cascade: Unless you are an experienced partnership I like to rebid my major
cascade: I don't want to play in 1NT when we have a 4-4 spade fit ...
cascade: and with a weak no trump hand a part-score is reasonably likely
cascade: West has spade support and is somewhere between 3♠ - Invitational - and 4♠ - game values
cascade: I'd be happy bidding 4♠ if my void wasn't in diamonds - partner's first bid suit
cascade: and I might bid 4♠ anyway
cascade: hands with voids can be very hard to evaluate
cascade: so if I am close to game I tend to just bid game and hope

cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========

cybershot2: I have a hypothetical question here,,,since my p opened 1nt
->cybershot2: sure
cybershot2: 2♣ stayman then after 2♠ response 4♠ correct bid?
->cybershot2: that looks normal
cybershot2: ty
Jimmy V: nty
cascade: declarer might need to get the Q right to make
rq4mulae: interesting play here, Wayne. why does N let trick go?
cascade: on a club lead North should 'finesse' against the dummy
cascade: if you go up with the ace then you make two tricks for declarer - ♣ K and ♣ Q
rq4mulae: that's what happened only time 4S failed. something we need to learn.
cascade: now the best defense is another club
cascade: and that solves declarer's heart problem
BILmanager (Lobby): => Club: *Cascade's Teaching Table now open in the BIL - hand review - all welcome

=== Board Two ===

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 2  ♠ AQ542
East    AJT52
NS      K4
       ♣ A
♠ JT876        ♠ 3
 76            43
 T             AJ9852
♣ KJ854        ♣ T973
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ K9
       ♣ Q62
cascade: East is a little light for a weak two - only five points
cascade: but I would always open this hand ...
cascade: 1. i have a little extra distribution
LadyStar17: how are you??
cascade: 2. the vulnerability is favourable
fub_45: hiya..many happy returns 2 u 2
cascade: 3. first seat is the best seat to pre-empt in my view
->LadyStar17: well thanks Rosemary. How are you?
->fub_45: thanks Louise same to you :-)
cascade: South is best to pass
cascade: as is west - no point getting into more trouble
cascade: North has a very nice hand with two good five-card majors
cascade: You can play Michaels Cue-Bids over weak two
LadyStar17: Hope Santa was very good to you and that you have a happy and prosperous New Year
rq4mulae: in balancing rather than direct seat?
cascade: although some play a cue-bid as asking for a stopper
cascade: so you need to discuss this in a regular partnership and be careful in a pick-up partnership
cascade: it's certainly worth discussing since it is nice (and efficient) to have a way to show two five-card suits at once
cascade: South has an easy 4 when partner shows both majors
dee_dee_20: someone said it is another way of counting HCP plus controls using A=2 K=1
cascade: and North is close to inviting slam
cascade: but i am not sure it is clear especially with Kx sitting under the diamond bidder
cascade: slam would fail on A and another lead
boblen (Lobby): Where do I find the Beginner/Intermediate Lounge?
cascade: actually a low diamond from the other side
->boblen: what version of the software do you have
dae: how would you invite slam?

cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========

dae: see id he answers-I asked
cascade: any bid by north over 4 would be a slam try ...
cascade: given that he has already shown two five-card suits
WSue601: how many pts does michael's promise?
FREDOL->Club: no tak zagramy troche na WP bo tu jest lekcja czy póxniej trochê ??
cascade: I play that it always shows a constructive hand
peterb370c: 6NT by north?
cascade: here at the three-level that means close to an opening hand or better
cascade: 6NT is a pipedream sort of stuff ...
cascade: and fails on a club lead ...
cascade: if you are going to bid that well then I should be allowed to make the killing lead ;-)
peterb370c: lol
cascade: actually with spades not breaking there are not close to 12 tricks in NTs I think

=== Board Three ===

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 3  ♠ J7
South   J54
EW      AQJ62
       ♣ A32
♠ 853          ♠ Q94
 AKT87         92
 9             KT874
♣ K987         ♣ T65
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ AKT62
       ♣ QJ4
cascade: West is marginal for a 2 overcall
cascade: a good suit and some distribution
cascade: but the vulnerability is dangerous
cascade: the vulnerability is a two-edged sword here ...
cascade: vulnerable we want to be more aggressive bidding our games (at IMPs not MPs)
cascade: but we also want to avoid multiples of -100 if we go down in a part-score
cascade: since the opponents open and we are minimum game is less likely
cascade: so I think pass is reasonable
cascade: South's rebid is an awkward part of SAYC
cascade: north's 2/1 promises another bid
cascade: so if South rebids 2NT with a minimum and North has only around 11 hcp there is a danger that NS will get too high
cascade: some therefore rebid 2♠ with any minimum (without four hearts or diamonds to raise) and require 2NT to show a little extra strength - say a good 13 or 14 hcp
cascade: I like that style
cascade: again it is something that you will want to discuss in your regular partnerships
cascade: North has enough for game
mulefloyd: why wouldn't N bid 3NT?
cascade: he has a choice of rebids ...
cascade: 1. raising spades
cascade: 2. 3NT
cascade: or 3. show a clubs stopper with 3♣
cascade: opener might have six spades and north doesn't have a heart stopper so 3♣ is more flexible - showing something in clubs
cascade: but 3NT is ok too I suppose
cascade: South sort of has a heart stopper so bids 3NT - nothing else is attractive
cascade: I would lead a low heart
cascade: and 3NT will depend on declarer guessing to take the club finesse (and spade finesse) and not a diamond finesse
cascade: i confess I would take a diamond finesse
rigour6: why does E play 9 rather than 2?
cascade: since if it works then I might make lots of tricks
mulefloyd: before clubs
->rigour6: you can play the two if you want

cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========

dae: not lead a low S to J?
BnBeever: is it not good practice there to lead the Q♣ to see if it gets covered?
nyleh: yes - if west did overcall 2h, what wuld be north's bid?
BnBeever: going up with ace if it doesnt
BnBeever: if it does get covered, you can then go for the ♠ finesse - likely to work given W is marked with AK & already shown K♣
cascade: I would double if West overcalled ...
cascade: or bid 3 natural and forcing
cascade: either will work
nyleh: Ty
cascade: if I double then i will follow it up with 3 asking for a stopper
cascade: Please if you are asking questions make them public
cascade: then everyone can see and it makes it easier for me - less typing
kermit: no i don't think i will ;-)
BnBeever: sry - shall i copy & paste?
cascade: definitely i would not lead a spade to the jack here
whoruneway->Club: need 2 to my table please
cascade: that gives East or West a sure entry and then you will go down immediately
BnBeever: is it not good practice there to lead the Q♣ to see if it gets covered?
cascade: the ♣Q could be worthwhile
BnBeever: going up with ace whether it's covered or not
BnBeever: if it does get covered, you can then go for the ♠ finesse - likely to work given W is marked with AK & already shown K♣
cascade: but if spades and diamonds both didn't break then you have lost your chance to take the club finesse later
cascade: you might make if all three finesses work with three spades three diamonds one heart and two clubs
cascade: next hand ...

=== Board Four ===

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 4  ♠ QJ95
West    Q5
All     KJ952
       ♣ A5
♠ T63          ♠ AK4
 JT72          A843
 A864          Q
♣ KT           ♣ Q8742
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ 872
       ♣ J963
cascade: East is close enough to an ideal takeout double
cascade: definitely i think double is better than overcalling the bad club suit
cascade: 8 points with West is close to needing to jump to 2
mulefloyd: does double show at least 3 in each suit
cascade: you might survive with 1
BnBeever: is south not worth an obstructive 2 after the double?
cascade: but in response to a takeout double a jump shows a few extra values
cascade: say 8-10 at the two level
cascade: and a little more if you have to jump to the three-level
cascade: East has some extra values of his own and a fit for hearts
cascade: so can bid game knowing that West has some values
cascade: possibly a conservative East might only invite
cascade: but vulenerable at IMPs you should be optimistic in bidding your games
cascade: you only need about a 35% chance of making to justify bidding a vul game

cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========

BnBeever: In SAYC, can S bid 2 to show a weak hand?
BnBeever: purely to obstruct opposition
cascade: no
cascade: i mean yes ...
cascade: but he will mislead his partner badly
mulefloyd->Club: with only 3?
cascade: so no!!!
BnBeever: k tx
cascade: a raise shows around 6-9 with 4 (or sometimes you might judge you need 5) diamonds
cascade: so this hand is not close
cascade: and you have horrible distribution for a suit contract 4-3-3-3 yuk!!!
cascade: and you are vulnerable
BnBeever: y a risk too far agreed

=== Board Five ===

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 5  ♠ AJT86
North   Q93
NS      Q92
       ♣ K9
♠ Q43          ♠ 92
 A54           KT2
 65            K8743
♣ AQT87        ♣ 653
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ K75
       ♣ J42
cascade: 10 points 3-4-3-3 you can down-grade a little
cascade: and raise to just 2♠
cascade: or possibly bid 1NT
cascade: this might get passed out
cascade: an aggressive West might bid 3♣
cascade: 3♣ is reasonable
cascade: the vulnerability is favourable
cascade: and it will help partner who will be on lead against a likely 3♠ or 4♠

cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========

mulefloyd: then could S bid 3S?
mulefloyd: after 3C?
cascade: could do
cascade: with bad distribution it could be best to defend
cybershot2: 4♠ makes shouldnt you bid it?
cascade: 12 opposite 10 in two balanced hands
cascade: i wouldn't be too worried if it makes
cascade: if i bid this one that makes then i think i will end up bidding a lot that fail
BnBeever: with 3 out of 3 finesses working, it's not surprising it makes
cascade: it makes when the diamond finesse works
cascade: the club finesse works
cascade: the trump finesse works
cascade: and noone gets a heart ruff
cascade: i am very happy being only in 2♠ thank you very much
cybershot2: ok ty
plaur: and you also need a trick
cascade: yes so you actually need to guess the 10 too
cascade: i think that is worse than 6%

=== Board Six ===

Private Bridge Lessons

Brd 6  ♠ KT985
East    KQ732
EW      83
       ♣ Q
♠ A763         ♠ 2
 JT5           A86
 QJ            AKT954
♣ KJ43         ♣ 765
  cascade        cascade
       ♠ QJ4
       ♣ AT982
gaya (Lobby): Happy New year dear :)
->gaya: merci - happy new year to you too
cascade: North might bid
cascade: but it can get awkward with this sort of hand if you don't find a fit
cascade: but with that much distribution you might have a game
kasey28: looks like N/S have ♠ fit
cascade: they do but it is hard to get there if the opponents bid spades first
kasey28: yep:(
cascade: East might be tempted to bid 3 - I would (be tempted) - but I think it is standard that that should show extra values
cascade: and west has nearly enough for game (opposite an opening hand)
cascade: but no long suit, no diamond fit, no heart stopper
cascade: double now should be competitive
cascade: asking partner for further description
Jazzfan (Lobby): Hi
cascade: West might give up when East shows long diamonds
cascade: or could force to game by asking for a heart stopper with 3
cascade: this should make
gaya: does it promise half a stopper ?
cascade: six diamonds two aces and either a 2nd heart (9 lead) or the time to lead up to the ♣K

cascade: any questions?
cascade: ===========

BnBeever: how does E know that W's double was competitive rather than pens?
cascade: by advanced agreement
BnBeever: can't he use the fact that W bypassed 1?
cascade: I play all doubles of suits by unlimited hands below game are takeout
BnBeever: does the vulnerabilty ever affect the meaning of a double?
cascade: except that you would bypass 1 with five or more spades and four good hearts
cascade: that is too complicated for me ...
cybershot2: ;)
cascade: i just play the same way whatever the vul (in almost all situations)
cascade: but it does affect my judgement
cascade: basically if you have hearts you can bid NTs ...
cascade: if you don't have hearts you might be struggling for a bid ...
cascade: so it is good to play these doubles as competitive
whoruneway->Club: need 1 to my table please
BnBeever: Maureen tells me my questions are confusing the issues. My apologies.
BILmanager: I have told him to be quiet
cascade: thanks everyone for coming ...
BILmanager: Thank you Wayne for all your time and help during 2006 - Happy New Year from the BIL
cybershot2: thanks
cascade: the lesson hands and text will be published here
nyleh: thnks wayne; good lesson
rq4mulae: ty, Wayne.
Fazza: many thanks Wayne:)
cascade: probably later today
MikeJ: Why does the three heart bid ask for a stopper rather than indicated stopper?
cascade: good question Mike ...
cascade: with a stopper you would bid NTs
cascade: without a stopper you have nothing to bid
BnBeever: thanks for your answers tho - I am still learning too and am only intermediate (or beginner) with SAYC.
BILmanager: is that the web address you want on your profile ?
cascade: so it is best used this way around
MikeJ: But you have 2 unknown suits
khan3: yes i think so too
->BILmanager: can do
rq4mulae: when, if ever, should Eastern Cue (showing) be used?
cascade: but only one that the opponents have bid
MikeJ: I would not bid No Trump with a heartstopper when clubs are unknown
cascade: some partnerships show when there are two suits that have been *bid* by the opponents
MikeJ: So I would interpret the three heart bid as indicating a stopper
cascade: that is a common agreement especially in North America
rq4mulae: good. ty
cascade: you could extend that to when there are two suits (one of which has been bid by the opponents)
cascade: Lets finish
cascade: thanks again everyone
cascade: and thanks to the BIL for hosting these sessions
MikeJ: Thank you for your time Wayne!
BILmanager: Happy New Year
peterb370c: ty wayne and happy 2007
Jimmy V->Club: ty Wayne
MikeJ: And thank you Maureen as well :-)
Jimmy V: uyes
cascade: Happy New Year everyone

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